2.4G Arduino Servo NRF24L01 Remote Control PS2 Expansion Kit 30 meters

buy from:https://www.sinoning.com/product/2-4g-arduino-quadruple-servo-nrf24l01-remote-control-ps2-expansion-kit/ 2.4G Arduino Quadruple Servo NRF24L01 Remote Control PS2 Expansion Kit Product introduction: The use of two arduino boards plus nrf24L01 to remotely control four servos is specifically designed for mechanical arms. Features: 2.4G remote control distance elementArduino driver for easy development and improvementModular product for easy reuseDesigned for […]

How to make a cheap 2.4G Arduino RC robot tank with L298N?

parts list: 1. Arduino Nano 2. Motor shield Driver L298n 3. The chassis for the tank Option №1 https://www.sinoning.com/product/robot-tank-car-chassis-platform-for-diy-caterpillar-crawler-smart-track-vehicle-for-arduino-rc-toy-remote-control other arduino robot tank chassis see here                                        4. Wires connecting 5. Servo SG90 6. Joystick PS2 remote control 7. Batteries diy 8. Swivel servo cloud system some arduino guide: How to program the Arduino: 1. Download http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software. 2. Download […]