Arduino Hygrothermograph Hygrometer Kit +LCD1602/I2C+DHT11 Sinoning Makerbuying

No need welding, no need complicated electrical knowledge, you can make your own thermometer. only need plug the cable we give Source code Provides detailed online tutorials and communication space this kit design by SINONING ROBOTbuy the kit Step 1: Component List 1. arduino uno r3 2. dht11 3.1602a+IIC/I2C/ LCD 4. dupont wire Step […]

2.4G Arduino Servo NRF24L01 Remote Control PS2 Expansion Kit 30 meters

buy from: 2.4G Arduino Quadruple Servo NRF24L01 Remote Control PS2 Expansion Kit Product introduction: The use of two arduino boards plus nrf24L01 to remotely control four servos is specifically designed for mechanical arms. Features: 2.4G remote control distance elementArduino driver for easy development and improvementModular product for easy reuseDesigned for […]